Kyle Richards responds to Lisa Vanderpump’s ‘New Nose’ Diss!

Lisa Vanderpump dissed Kyle Richards but the latter had a pretty interesting setback! Check out what she has to say after Lisa commented on her appearance!

Just a few days after the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kyle Richards met the former cast member, Lisa was apparently tailing the other woman for allegedly getting a nose job!

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It didn’t take Kyle long to reply to the diss!

It all started on May 25th when during an interview for E! News, Lisa suggested that Kyle “keep her new nose out of her personal business”. Ouch!

A few days later, Kyle was asked how she felt about the plastic surgery dissident addressed to her, and she clapped back by saying, “I don’t care what she says, it doesn’t matter.”

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This led her sister Kim Richards to write on E! News’ Daily Pop.

This back and forth between former best friends is nothing new.

It actually comes just days after Lisa tried to prank Kyle too.

While on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen earlier this month, Kyle revealed that Lisa tried to leave a restaurant after enjoying a meal and leaving her with the bill.

“I was at dinner with one of our producers and she sent a bill and said later – because she likes to watch and see on Twitter and all of what people who don’t know us are saying – and everyone was like, ‘Oh, you could can’t stand a joke. ” She never speaks to me when I see her and I greet her. Every time I see her I go up, I am polite. And the last time she was really rude that I didn’t go to her table for the first time. ‘

However, Lisa has denied this ever happened and has provided evidence in the form of actual restaurant receipt that she paid for her meal. She also pointed out that “this is why Kyle cannot be trusted!”

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