LaLa Anthony joined the cast of the Hulu series, “Wu-Tang: An American Saga”

It was just that that was revealed Lala Anthony joined the cast of the Hulu series “Wu-Tang: An American Saga”. The shadow space dropped more details about it.

Deadline notes that ‘The second season, which is currently in production, will begin six months after the end of the first season. Lala will play the role of Tracey Waples, described as a “young, vibrant executive at Def Jam”. She has her finger on the pulse of good music and speaks her mind boldly. After seeing Wu-Tang live, she is fully invested, but her plan for the group might not coincide with her own. “‘

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Lala shared her excitement for participating in the show, saying, “Hereafter blessed.”

“Sigh … I guess acting skills weren’t a requirement,” someone said. Another follower wrote: “I love you, LaLa, get the bag, but still not a good actor.”

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Another commenter wrote, “Okay, when is the show actually coming back?” and someone else said, “I hope she took advantage of this lockdown for some acting lessons. #respectful. ‘

Someone else said, “There are a lot of good black actresses out there, how does she get on with these roles?” And another follower said, “Okay, can you hurry up ?! We have been waiting.”

Someone else posted this: ‘Damn, damn, damn !! Who asked for it? She literally ruins every show! ‘and one commentator said, “She’s likely going to play Wendy Williams or something.”

One follower said, ‘Idkkkkk, I mean, I still don’t really know how I feel about her at The CHI. Respectfully … I just don’t know, “and someone else wrote,” I need to go back to sleep. I read RZA as SZA and – my brain looked damn different. «

One fan said, “Okay La La” I’m keeping a friend and a job “Anthony !!! 🔥🔥 ‘Stay tuned for more news.

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