‘LA’s Finest’ won’t be returning for Season 3 on Netflix

When you’ve plowed your way through LA’s finest Season 2 on Netflix and looking for Season 3 we have disappointing news. There won’t be a third season of LA’s finest And unless a miracle happens, Netflix is ​​unlikely to be able to revive it for a third season as well. Here’s what you need to know.

Fast catching up – LA’s finest is a spin-off of the Sony Bad Boys universe in which we follow Syd (played by Gabrielle Union) and Nancy McKenna (played by Jessica Alba) as they battle the drug-infested streets of Los Angeles.

Only Netflix Canada and Netflix US received LA’s finest So far, however, we have been told that Netflix UK and numerous others will likely receive the series from July 2021.

Netflix US received Season 1 in January 2021, while the second season was added six months later in June 2021.

To explain why we won’t get Season 3, let’s quickly recap how the show was released.

Both seasons were first released on Spectrum (which has largely diverged from the original programming in recent years). Season two had a very isolated release as it was delayed amid 2020 events that revolved around police violence. Ultimately, between Spectrum Originals not gaining any attraction and the issues surrounding the show’s theme, the show was canceled back in October 2020.

Could Netflix revive LA’s finest?

The answer is that they could, but it is not that simple and it is not very likely either.

Netflix has been rumored to have revived a number of Sony Television Pictures titles over the past several years Hannibal (which eventually resulted in Netflix killing any chance of return) or Community. The main reason Netflix gets shows like LA’s finest is that Sony is one of the few distributors that continues to license shows, but we’re digressing.

Reviving a show not only takes a lot of capital to get it going, but also a lot of stars aligning and with a cast as large as LA’s finest, get Gabrielle Union (who works on numerous projects, including Cheaper in dozens for Disney +) and Jessica Alba (who is currently working on Trigger warning for Netflix) getting back together while the contract has expired can be difficult.

There’s a precedent for this, season 1 of the show did particularly well in the top 10, but right now it’s unlikely.

Do you wish Netflix could pick up season 3 of? LA’s finest? Let us know in the comments.

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