Lisa Kudrow discusses impact Friends The Reunion: ‘A little bit mind-blowing’

Comedic actor Lisa Kudrow has returned to television comedy in the second season of Feel Good, shortly after appearing in Friends: The Reunion.

The reunion of the classic sitcom Friends cast became a hot topic on social media and saw a surge in subscriptions for the show platform HBO Max.

Lisa Kudrow told Reuters via Zoom that she found it “a bit baffling, because you don’t really understand the impact the show had on international people and the personal stories you would hear about over the years. It’s really fun. I’m going to sleep now and think ‘Ah, I’ve done something right’.”

In the series Feel Good, which enters its second and final season, Kudrow plays the mother of Mae, a non-binary comedian who struggles with the demons of her past while trying to maintain a relationship with girlfriend George.

The first series was critically acclaimed and Mae Martin, who based the series on her own experiences, won two Royal Television Society awards for Best Writer – Comedy and also the Breakthrough Award.

“Once I got the script sent to me, I loved it. I loved every episode, I loved what it was about,” said Lisa Kudrow.

However, her attachment to the project meant that the Friends star had to travel to the UK, where most of the series was shot during the pandemic.

“I was concerned about it but forgot when I was there on their set with the COVID protocols. I felt completely safe,” Kudrow said.

Because the show is based on Mae Martin’s own experiences, she suffered a lot of anxiety leading up to the launch of the first series.

Martin said she is still a little apprehensive about the second season. “It was all so unfamiliar with series one. I had no idea what people would think about it… last time I was just terrified my parents were watching it, but now I know they love it, it makes a huge difference, so yeah, I feel a lot less scared .’

Feel Good Season 2 premiered on Netflix today.

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