Loki Episode 1: From Infinite Stones to the Multiverse, Here Are Five Essential Takeaways

The first episode of Loki has been received positively by both the public and the critics. Titled “Glorious Purpose,” the premiere brought the God of Mischief to Time Variance Authority (TVA) on charges of interference with the Sacred Timeline.

Here are our five takeaways from Loki’s hilarious, action-packed season premiere. Consider this a spoiler alert and return to this article once you’ve seen the show’s first episode.

1. What is TVA?

TVA, as explained before, is an organization responsible for guarding the multiverse (more on that in the next point) for those entities that play with the rules set by the organization, essentially doing what they shouldn’t. to do. Such entities are called time variants. Loki, a time variant, was not allowed to escape with the Tesseract in Avengers: Endgame and would be taken to Asgard for his captivity.

2. Multiverse is official in MCU

We expected Spider-Man: Far From Home and then WandaVision to introduce the multiverse to the MCU, but Loki is the first time we’ve seen evidence that it exists here. Loki, like any other character, has multiple versions of himself in different timelines, which may look different from him. We’ve long suspected that multiverse would be a fun, convenient way to include the X-Men and Fantastic Four in the MCU. It will be interesting to see how Kevin Feige and the team handle the concept.

3. Infinite Infinite Stones?

Thanos has spent his entire life and tons of resources looking for Infinity Stones. But in TVA’s office, many of them, including other versions of the same bricks, just lie in a drawer. Since there are an infinite number of universes in multiverse theory, there should be an infinite number of Infinity Stones.

4. Loki’s fault?

We’ve seen Loki look guilty before, but there was always a suspicion that he was pretending to achieve his nefarious goals. But in the scene where he witnesses, Ebenezer Scrooge style, what will happen if he continues down the same path, we saw genuine guilt on his face, especially when he saw that he was going to face the death of Frigga, his adopted child. cause. mother.

5. Who are Loki and Mobius M Mobius hunting?

Loki decided to team up with Mobius after seeing the consequences of his actions and where his cruel, heartless behavior would lead him. Mobius told him that he and others in the TVA are hunting a dangerous time variant, and that he is an alternate version of Loki. This has interesting implications. Does the other Loki look like him? What does that Loki want? Why does he randomly kill TVA soldiers? Hopefully we’ll find out in the next episode.

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