Machine Gun Kelly is sweetly celebrating 1 year since Megan Fox said “I love you”

Kelly machine gun took his platform to the anniversary of a very special moment with his partner, the actress Megan Fox . The musician revealed that it has been exactly a year since the Jennifer’s Body star said those three magical words to him.

When many fans saw the post, they couldn’t get over how “cute” MGK was when Megan told him she loved him and that he remembers that exact day.

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The man tweeted a year ago today, “She said, ‘I love you,’ obviously celebrating the special day the actress decided to reveal her feelings for him.

One year is definitely a very important milestone, especially since these two are still going strong today.

Even so, as mentioned, her fans kept raving about how sweet it was for MGK to remember the day Megan said those three words, and many made it clear that they are now expecting the same from their own other halves.

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Here are some of their reactions: ‘Y’ALL ARE TOO CUTE.’ / ‘LADIES, HE REMEMBERS THAT DATE. WE WILL NOT BE SATISFIED WITH LESS! ‘ / ‘Stop it, I’m crying.’ / ‘You and Megan are damn cute.’ / ‘AW, OMG THAT’S SO CUTE.’ / ‘Folks, it would make it 5 days after the’ Bloody Valentine ‘music video premiered. my heart is so full of love for both of them now. ‘ / ‘You are actually the happiest man in the world.’

This comes not long after MGK also met Megan’s three sons, celebrating all sorts of important milestones in their relationship, much to the excitement of fans, who seem to believe in true love again because of them.

In addition, last month the Kelly machine gun was telling the world all about that necklace with a drop of Meghan’s blood that he now always wears around his neck.

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