Malaysia to Amnesia Movie Review: MS Bhaskar Makes This Comedy Movie Tolerable

It seems that director Radha Mohan is trying his best when teaming up with Prakash Raj or Jyothika. When not working with one of them, he serves mediocre food. A good example of this is his latest film, Malaysia to Amnesia, which was released on Zee5 on Friday.

Malaysia to Amnesia begins with Arun, played by Vaibhav Reddy, wandering on a beach in Chennai. He looks exhausted, confused and homeless. He has a ‘who am I?’ atmosphere around him and he disturbs the joggers and walkers on the beach in the early morning. Then he is recognized by his childhood friend, Prabhu (Karunakaran). Arun’s family is surprised to find him disoriented in Chennai while he is supposed to be in Malaysia to attend a business meeting. To complicate matters further, he seems to have lost his memory. Ergo the title of the film, Malaysia to Amnesia

Radha Mohan, who also wrote the film, limits the Crazy Mohan-esque humor to the title of the film only, as the film falls short of the writing department, with the use of tropes making the film feel old-fashioned. For a film that largely relies on lies, deceit and adultery for its humor, Malaysia to Amnesia is depressingly nonsensical.

The main character has little influence to move the story forward. In fact, it is his wife Sujatha (Vani Bhojan), Uncle Mannaru (MS Bhaskar) and Prabhu (Karunakaran) who are speaking. Vaibhav Reddy is as ignorant as Radha Mohan when it comes to his character. Vani Bhojan gives an adorable performance as a dutiful housewife who never doubts her husband. And Bhaskar, a curious man with a list of never-ending questions, carries the film with his energetic performance single-handedly and bearably.

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