Manoj Muntashir defends Indian Idol 12: ‘Amit Kumar took money and criticized the show’

Indian Idol 12 has been in the news almost constantly since the Kishore Kumar tribute episode aired a few weeks ago. Vocalist Amit Kumar had criticized the quality of the vocals on the show in an interview after praising the show’s participants. He had said he was asked to rate everyone regardless of the quality of the show, adding that he didn’t enjoy it at all.

After Indian Idol host Aditya Narayan jumped to defend the show, guest judge Manoj Muntashir has also spoken out. “If Amit Kumar came out and lashed out during the show, he shouldn’t have agreed to it in the first place. He took money because he was part of the show and then criticized it,” Manoj told ETimes, adding, “I wouldn’t have done what Amit Kumar did. If I was in his place and I wasn’t comfortable with the procedure, I would have told the creators I didn’t want to be part of the show.”

He also said that it is wrong for the guest judges to constantly criticize the contestants. “The guest judges who came on Indian Idol 12 have no idea what’s going on in the show and they criticize every little thing about the contestants. They criticize them incredibly – ye galat ho gaya, woh galat ho gaya, you’re nobody, you can’t do this, how are you going to sing in front of a crowd or a filmmaker.”

He said people should be more understanding. “The harsh criticism of the guest juries demotivates the participants. So the guest judges are told to look at and talk about the singer’s positives as well. This instruction was also given to me. Of course we have high standards as professional musicians, but we cannot weigh the children on the same scale.”

However, he added that Amit Kumar took it the “wrong way” and felt he should only give praise. “See my episode from this Saturday and Sunday and I pointed out mistakes to the contestants.”

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