Meera Chopra denies being fraudulently vaccinated as government orders investigation onderzoek

The Thane Municipal Corporation ordered an investigation on Sunday after the BJP alleged that actor Meera Chopra was in turn vaccinated against COVID-19 at a public health center operated by a private company.

The BJP had claimed on Saturday that the actor had been given a photo ID card identifying her as the private company’s supervisor, allowing her to get vaccinated at TMC’s Parking Plaza center under the priority category of “frontline worker.”

“TMC Commissioner Vipin Sharma has ordered an investigation under the Deputy Municipal Commissioner (Health) to find out whether this female actor has been vaccinated out of turn. The report must be submitted within three days,” TMC spokesman and DMC Sandeep Malavi told reporters.

“There are news reports that Meera Chopra has been vaccinated at a center in Thane. The inquiry will examine all aspects of the case and recommend action if anything is wrong,” added Malavi.

Meera Chopra denied fraudulently obtained the Covid-19 vaccine. In a statement, she said she has not used any fraudulent means to get vaccinated. “We all want to be vaccinated and we are all doing our best to do that. In the same way, I also tried to ask for help from people I know and after 1 month of trying I was able to register myself in one of the centers,” she said.

“I was just asked to send my aadhaar card. The ID circulating on social media is not mine. I was asked for my aadhaar card for registration and that is the only ID I have given. No ID is valid until it has your signature. I first saw that so-called ID card when it came on Twitter. I completely condemn such practices and if such an identity card was created I would like to know how and why.”

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