Mika Singh targets KRK: I’m surprised Salman Khan has waited so long to file a case against him

Singer Mika Singh has come out in support of actor Salman Khan after he was targeted by self-proclaimed Kamaal R Khan, better known as KRK. Mika has said that KRK does not benefit from making personal comments during his movie reviews.

KRK had a bad mouth about Salman Khan after he filed a defamation charge against him. While KRK said he was targeted for giving the film Radhe The Most Wanted Bhai a bad review, Salman’s legal team clarified that it is actually a response to KRK’s corruption and money laundering allegations against the actor.

Mika defended Salman Khan and criticized KRK and also announced a single that would be aimed at him. In an interview for an entertainment website, he added: β€œI am amazed that Salman Bhai has waited so long to file a case against him. Donkeys like him need to be tamed as soon as possible… He always makes personal attacks, which is wrong.’

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A few days ago, Mika had responded to a tweet from a fan in Punjabi, writing: β€œHe (KRK) only picks out the soft people in Bollywood. He won’t mess with his father. Please tell my son to unblock me. I am not Karan Johar or Anurag Kashyap. I am his father.”

In addition to his social media feud with KRK, Mika Singh is organizing langars for the needy in Mumbai. He also teamed up with actor Vivek Oberoi to clear a 200-bed Covid care center as India tackles the second wave of Covid-19 pandemic.

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