Miles Teller says he “skipped” in the restaurant bathroom and calls on sports commentators to take the attack lightly

The 34-year-old actor announced that he had been attacked by several people. This comes amid reports that Mileage counter got ‘jumped’ into a bathroom, the star spoke about what happened!

Apparently, plate was “jumped” by two men in a restaurant toilet, which of course is no laughing matter.

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Separately, a sports spokesperson poked fun at the headlines for allegedly being slapped in the face while on vacation in Hawaii, so Teller called on him to do so.

“I was attacked by two guys in a bathroom. I’ve never met her in my life but cool wrestling segue bud, ”he wrote in response to commenter Pat McAfee’s tweet.

That interaction began when McAfee tweeted that “Miles Teller was slapped in the face in Maui this morning. I don’t think it was as hard as that shot. ‘

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The tweet was accompanied by a wrestling scene that seemed to take the attack the actor suffered lightly.

After Teller clapped back, McAfee replied, “Miles .. I apologize for not knowing the full story. I’ll get my position in order and get it right … other than that, it was a pretty good transition. “

Amid reports that the altercation was over an unpaid bill, Miles’ wife Keleigh also went to her IG Stories to deny it.

“The story of @TMZ slapping Miles in the face for ‘money’ is completely wrong. Miles was ambushed by two men we have never seen before while they were locking him up in a bathroom. It appears these men did this to many people and we appreciate your support, Maui. This is now a criminal investigation. ‘

In fact, a spokesman for the Maui Police Department said via ET that “I can confirm the police responded to an attack report that occurred in a West Maui restaurant involving a male victim and a responsible party. The incident is currently being investigated. ‘

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