Money Heist 5 is getting a new spin with women, says showrunner Alex Pina

Money Heist has struck a chord with audiences not only for its sharp plot, mind-boggling twists and brilliant casting, but also because it shows off female characters who are crucial to the proceedings. Prior to the final season, the makers of the Netflix crime drama sat down to talk about the women on the show and whether they’ll be playing the same role in Money Heist season 5.

During an exclusive virtual set visit and meeting, Money Heist showrunner and executive producer Álex Pina revealed that fans will be seeing a lot more of the female robbers in the coming season.

“Are they going to play a crucial role at certain times? I would say very, very crucial. And we’ve added a new twist to women in this fifth season,” Pina said.

Money Heist is narrated by Tokyo. Nairobi’s death last season shocked fans. Female officers led the investigation into both robberies. Two female characters – Lisbon and Stockholm, respectively, started out as Inspector Raquel Murillo and hostage Mónica Gaztambide, until they got a new identity.

addinglex Pina added that the writers have deliberately given equal weight to the female characters, saying: “I think we have always worked equally well with women and men. In that sense, we remain committed to giving women a leading role , just like at other times men have a leading role. I don’t think it’s more or less: it stays the same.”

Money Heist season 4 ended with some major cliffhangers, including Lisbon managing to enter the Bank of Spain where the current heist is taking place. Raquel, also known as Lisbon, entered the building after falling from a helicopter after Gandía shot Nairobi at close range, leaving the gang emotionally shattered. Lisbon is expected to lead the heist within the bank and also play an important role in reuniting the team emotionally and mentally.

Stockholm has become an emotional support for husband Denver and fellow gang member Rio within the bank. (Photo: Netflix)

Director and executive producer Jesús Colmenar elaborated on Lisbon’s contribution in the fifth season: “The new development this season is that Lisbon will be within the Bank of Spain. And I think that’s a whole new element and that gives the series a boost. Suddenly it’s totally new to see Lisbon with the red jumpsuit in charge of the heist and in constant communication with The Professor.”

Colmenar echoed Álex Pina’s words, adding: “There will be big surprises, not just from one character, but from several. In the first few episodes of the season, we’re going to see big surprises involving the women.”

Money Heist 5 will be a 10-episode season. It will be released in two parts: the first part will be released on Netflix on September 3, and the second part will be released on December 3.

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