Money Heist 5 Will Be ‘An Epic War Movie’, Reveals Berlin Actor Pedro Alonso

For actor Pedro Alonso, who plays Berlin in Money Heist, the upcoming season 5 is like a “war movie, but within four walls”. The Spanish star, who had a recurring role on the Netflix crime drama after its second season, spoke about his participation in the hit show and how he is taking the finale on a personal level.

During an exclusive virtual set visit and a meeting with the cast and crew of Money Heist from Madrid, Spain, of which was a part, we let Pedro philosophize about how he sees his life and career in the future, without Berlin.

Pedro claimed he was proud to be part of a show that became “spectacular” on a global level. “I try to be clinical about it when projects come to an end. I’ll leave it. But it is true that some great things have happened. And somehow I feel like a door has been opened, or at least a little bit, which, beyond personal considerations, has given visibility to some kind of work that was done here for the world. And if we make a small contribution in that sense, I think it’s spectacular,” said Pedro during the virtual meet.

Pedro played the character of Berlin, the older brother of Sergio Marquina aka The Professor, and the second-in-command of the robbery of the Royal Mint of Spain. Despite being a charmer, he is a sociopath and a male chauvinist. It is slowly revealed that Berlin is also terminally ill. So when he decides to sacrifice his life to save his fellow robbers, you can’t help but shed tears.

The actor added that being a part of the show from the beginning, he has seen it grow not only in popularity but also in scale. “I’m a guy who started making series at a time when you could kick a screen and ruin an entire set. And I still love seeing these kinds of sets and artifacts,’ Pedro joked.

Money Heist season 2 ends with the gang escaping from the Royal Mint of Spain with the counterfeit currency. But before they can succeed, the police come in and Berlin decides to put himself in the line of fire.

Pedro Alonso plays Berlin who has a recurring role in Money Heist season 5. (Picture: Netflix)

Berlin may have died in Money Heist season two, but the audience forced the creators to bring back the fan favorite in flashbacks in subsequent seasons.

In the current plot, Berlin is not actively involved in the action within the Bank of Spain, but the ongoing robbery is his original plan. Pedro revealed that what we’re going to see in the finale season is “rock’n’roll, because from what I’ve seen, you’re making a war movie, but within four walls. It’s not an action scene, it’s an epic war movie.”

Money Heist 5 will be a 10-episode season. The first part will premiere on Netflix on September 3.

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