Monsta X releases new album, say they’ve been together for 10 years: We’re like brothers

While Monsta X released their new album, they appeared on a show to talk about each other and their new song Gambler. Their album, One Of A Kind, was released on June 1. On MBC FM4U’s A Song For Hope At Noon With Kim Shin Young, the group spoke about their journey and their music.

Since the group had recently celebrated their sixth anniversary, host Kim Shin Young asked them how long they’d been together. Minhyuk replied, “If we add up all the time we’ve been together, it’s been 10 years since we did an internship. We are like brothers. Our fans will know, but none of us have sisters. That’s why we really are like family.”

Kim Shin Young also asked the group to compliment each other, and they did, with much laughter. Kihyun told Joohoney, “You write good songs and your dimple is beautiful. You look very good these days.” IM took Hyungwon’s hand and shared: ‘Do you have cold hands and feet? But your heart is warm. You have unlimited possibilities.”

When they opened up about their new album, One Of A Kind, they said, “Most of our new songs are written by our members. Over 80 percent are self-composed, so I’d like to thank our agency staff for opening up their minds.”

Joohoney told IM: “Our Changkyun became sexy, calm and charismatic. I was especially moved by how well the rap was written for Gambler. I hope you become a great composer with better rap in the future.”

Hyungwon praised Minhyuk and said: “We have been together for 10 years and I want to compliment him because he seems to be growing up well into a cool adult. Your front teeth are so beautiful when you smile.”

The group ended the conversation and asked the fans to continue to show their love.

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