Netflix ‘Dynasty Warriors’: Netflix Release Date and What We Know So Far

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It’s LuBu! The immortal words that will live forever in honor of the great Chinese warrior will soon be heard on Netflix around the world! The film adaptation of Koei Tecmo’s beloved Dynasty Warriors is coming out in July 2021, and we have everything you need to know about the exciting feature to come.

Directed by Roy Hin Yeing Chow, Dynasty warrior is a Cantonese film adaptation of the popular video game franchise of the same name. Dynasty warrior hit theaters across China and Hong Kong earlier this year, with Netflix taking over the worldwide distribution rights for the film.

HMV Digital China Group Limited is the studio behind the production of Dynasty warrior, and was filmed and filmed across China and New Zealand in 2017.

Long-time fans of the franchise will likely know exactly what to expect from the upcoming original, but for those new to Dynasty Warriors, allow us to provide further context below.

When is the Dynasty warrior Netflix release date?

The trailer for Dynasty warrior was published on several Netflix YouTube channels, with the release date being announced as date Thursday 1st July 2021.

Dynasty warrior will only be available for streaming in select areas, but it will definitely be available for streaming in the US and UK.

What is Dynasty warrior?

Dynasty warrior is a hack-and-slash action video game franchise developed by Omega Force and Koei. The video game is an adaptation of China’s famous novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms and is set between the end of the Han Dynasty, the War of the Three Kingdoms and the formation of the Jin Dynasty.

The video game has an incredibly large roster in which the player takes control of China’s most colorful, powerful, and charismatic personalities of the era such as Cao Cao, Lu Bu, and Zhuge Liang.

The player takes part in historical battles, fights against hordes of enemies and meets other powerful enemy lieutenants and generals. Through the power of Musou, the player can destroy dozens of enemies in an instant.

The first video game in the series, Dynasty Warriors, was released on PS1 in February 1997, with the franchise’s newest title, Dynasty warrior 9 will be released on multiple platforms in February 2018.

What is the Romance of the Three Kingdoms?

Written by the 14th century writer Luo Guanzhong. Romance of the Three Kingdoms is considered one of the greatest works of China and is one of the four great classical novels of Chinese literature.

Luo Guanzhong based the novel on the historical text Records of the Three Kingdoms, but highly romanticized the era and indulged in the myths and legends of that time.

The novel takes place between the collapse of the Han Dynasty and the end of the Three Kingdoms period.

Netflix Dynasty Warriors Netflix Release Date What We Know So Far Romance Of The Three Kingdoms

Several covers and copies of Romance of the Three Kingdoms

What is the plot of Dynasty Warriors?

The golden age of Imperial China is coming to an end as corruption, greed and anarchy ravaged the Han Dynasty. China takes advantage of the discord and falls into chaos when the tyrant Dong Zhou takes control of the court and the emperor’s influence. The growing chaos spawns great heroes and villains from across the country and changes the fate of China forever.

What is the Han Dynasty?

The Han dynasty, which existed between 202 BC. Spanning four centuries, was the Second Imperial Dynasty of China and was considered the golden age of Chinese history.

The Han Dynasty forever shaped the future and identity of China. To this day, the majority of the ethnic group of modern China identify as the “Han people”.

Netflix Dynasty Warriors Netflix Release Date What We Know So Far Han Dynasty

The territory of the Han Dynasty 100 BC BC – Copyright. Britannica, Inc.

Who are the performers of Dynasty warrior?

The production of Dynasty warrior went out of their way to ensure the film had a star-studded cast:

roleactorWhere have I seen / heard them before?
Lu BuLouis KooParadox | Protégé | The white storm
Cao CaoKai WangLang ya bang | Da jiang da he | When a snail falls in love
Yuan ShaoRay LuisTo be number one | Transformer: Age of Extinction | Flash point
Zhang FeiJusting CheungDeception of the writer | The forger | shadow
Master of the swordsmith’s castleCarina Luis2046 | Days of the Wild | Hellish matters
Liu BeiTony Yo-ning YangFormula 17 | Ex-boyfriend | My war
Guan YuGeng HanTransformer: Age of Extinction | My Kingdom | So young
Diao ChanCoulee NazhaThe separation guru | City of Rock | Zetian ji
Chen GongEddie CheungBlack hat | Throw away | Running on karma
Dong ZhouSuet LamKung Fu hustle and bustle | PTU | The midnight after that
Zhang JiaoPhilip KeungShock wave | Tracey | A witness out of the blue
Cao RenJonathan Chee Hynn WongThree | Wonder women | Airport security service

We can expect to see even more legendary figures of the era, like three more of Shu’s legendary Five Tiger Generals, Zhao Yun, Huang Zhong and Ma Chao.

We would also expect to see heroes of Wei like Xiahou Dun, Dian Wei, and Zhang Liao.

Wu warriors could represent players like Gan Ning, Huang Gai, Sun Quan, and Zhou Yu.

What famous battles can we expect?

Viewers are likely to get to see some of the most iconic battles of the era and video game such as:

  • The Yellow Turban Rebellion
  • Battle at the Hulao Gate
  • Battle of Xiapi
  • Battle of Guan Du
  • Battle of Changban
  • Chibi (Battle of the Red Cliffs)

It’s unclear whether the film will reach the Battles of Changban and Chi Bi, as much of the film focuses on the Battle of the Hulao Gate. If a sequel is planned, we can expect even more famous battles.

Do you look forward to seeing Dynasty Warriors release on Netflix? Let us know in the comments below!

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