Netflix ‘Wish Dragon’: Netflix release date and everything we know so far

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We’ve already seen some animated excellence courtesy of Sony Animation on Netflix this year, thanks to the arrival of The Mitchells. against the machine machine. However, prepare for a second round of greatness as we are the arrival of the Make a wish for dragons in June 2021. We have everything you need to know Make a wish for dragons on Netflix, including the plot, cast, trailer, and Netflix release date.

Make a wish for dragons is an upcoming, internationally licensed, American-Chinese Netflix original animation adventure from Base Animation. The film is the debut film for Base FX and the directorial debut of Chris Appelhans. Sony also worked on the feature, with Sony Pictures Releasing as the official distributor for the film in China.

We’ve seen quite a few animated Mandarin movies on Netflix in the past few years, but we did Make a wish for dragons is the largest animated release from China to date.

When is the Make a wish for dragons Netflix release date?

Make a wish for dragons lands on Friday, June 11th, 2021 on Netflix.

The American-Chinese image will be streamed exclusively on Netflix outside of China, where it debuted in theaters earlier this year.

What is the plot of Make a wish for dragons?

Determined to find his long-lost childhood friend, Lina, college student Din enlists help from Long, an almighty but cynical dragon capable of granting wishes. But the ability to want it all is not as easy as it seems, because when you can want it all, you have to decide what really matters.

animated adventure wish dragon is coming to netflix english poster png in july 2021

The English poster of Wish Dragon – Copyright. Basic animation

Who are the performers of Make a wish for dragons?

Netflix has confirmed that there will be English dubbing for Make a wish for dragons:

roleactorWhere have I seen / heard them?
noiseJimmy WongMulan | Video Game High School | John dies in the end
Young DinIan ChenShazam! | Fresh from the boat | A dog’s journey
LongJohn ChoAmerican cake | Star Trek | Over the moon
Young LangeMax CharlesMr. Peabody & Sherman | The amazing Spider-Man | The lion guard
Ms. SongConstance WuCrazy Rich Asians | Hustler | Degrees off the boat
LinaNatasha Liu BordizzoThe company | Weapons Akimbo | Hotel Mumbai
SoftieJimmy O. YangDay of the Patriots | Fantasy island | Crazy rich Asians
BagsAaron Yoo21 | Disturbia | Friday the 13th
Mr. WangWill Yun LeeModified carbon | The good Doxtor | Rampage
Pipa godRonny ChiengGodzilla versus Kong | Crazy Rich Asians | Young skirt
DiaoBobby LeePaul | Pineapple Express | A very Harold. & Kumar Christmas

We’re not sure if the Mandarin dub will be available for streaming Wishing kite Netflix publication. Probably the most exciting actor in the Mandarin dubbing of the film is Jackie Chan as Long, the wish-fulfilling dragon.

animated adventure wish dragon is coming to netflix poster png copy in july 2021

The mandarin Poster for Wish Dragon is amazing – Copyright. Basic animation

Which studio produced Make a wish for dragons?

The animation goes to the brand new animation studio Base Animation. Make a wish for dragons is the debut title for the young studio that is under the umbrella of Base FX.

The studio has outlined its plan to “do world-class animation in China for China … and the world”.

What is the runtime of Make a wish for dragons?

Since the film has been on the market in China for several months, we already know that the running time 98 minutes.

What language is Make a wish for dragons available for streaming?

An English dub has already been confirmed as we have listed the line-up above. Mandarin dubbing will likely be available when it launches, and typically Netflix has a variety of other dubbing like Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, etc.

Are. you look forward to the release of Make a wish for dragons on Netflix? Let us know in the comments below!

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