Nyay: The Justice does not contain the name or likeness of Sushant Singh Rajput: Filmmakers of HC

The Delhi High Court was told on Wednesday that the upcoming film Nyay: The Justice, which is reportedly based on the life of the late Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput, will not portray his caricature, name or likeness, as it is not a biopic about him. .

The submission was made by the producers and director of the film, which was slated to be released on June 11, as they oppose a plea from Rajput’s father to stop anyone from using his son’s name or likeness in films.

After hearing the arguments of both sides, Judge Sanjeev Narula reserved a verdict in the case and asked the film’s producers and director not to release the film until the court renders its verdict.

The court said it would most likely pronounce the verdict before June 11, but if it was unable to do so, the film’s release would be delayed.

Senior advocate Chander Lall, who appeared before the film’s director, said the film’s release has been widely publicized and therefore he could not give any guarantees regarding its holding back.

Given Lall’s submission, the court said that if it was unable to deliver the verdict before June 11, it would rehearse the case before that date and issue interim orders to delay the film’s release.

During that day’s hearing, the senior lawyer told the court that the caricature, name or likeness of Sushant Singh Rajput has not been used in the film.

Both Lall and the producers’ counsel told the court that banning the making of a film about what happened to Rajput would be an infringement of the freedom of speech and expression guaranteed by the constitution.

They said Rajput is a celebrity and people should know what happened to him.

They cited examples of movies, both Indian and foreign, made about various individuals and companies without their express permission and said such activities were allowed.

They also said that since Rajput passed away, the rights to due process and privacy cannot be inherited by his father.

Senior lawyer Vikas Singh and lawyer Varun Singh, who appeared before Sushant Singh Rajput’s father, opposed the claims of the film’s producers and director, saying that since the father filed the complaint, which was the basis of the FIR and the trial, and also the current lawsuit, he had a right to a fair trial and to privacy.

According to the plea of ​​Rajput’s father – Krishna Kishore Singh – some of the upcoming or proposed film projects, based on the life of his son – Nyay: The Justice, Suicide or Murder: A star was lost, Shashank and an undisclosed crowdfunded film .

Rajput’s father has claimed that the filmmakers are taking advantage of the situation for commercial gain, and therefore the right to freedom of expression and expression would not apply to them.

“Plaintiff (Singh) fears that various plays, films, web series, books, interviews or other material could be published that would damage the reputation of the plaintiff’s son and his family,” the lawsuit, which seeks damages of more than Rs two crores from the filmmakers for “loss of reputation, mental trauma and harassment” to Rajput’s family.

It has also argued that allowing a movie, web series, book or other content of a similar nature to be published or broadcast would affect the victim’s and deceased’s right to a free and fair trial. biased them.”

The lawsuit has also argued that Sushant Singh Rajput is a well-known celebrity, “any misuse of his name/image/caricature/style of delivering dialogue also amounts to an infringement of the plaintiff’s personality right, in addition to amounting to acts of passivity”.

Rajput’s father’s claims have been opposed by the filmmakers of the upcoming and proposed films.

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