Phaedra Parks wishes her best friend a happy birthday – Check out her pictures to celebrate this event

Phaedra parks shared a few pictures for her BFF’s birthday and she also sent her a message on social media. Check out her last post here.

‘Whether @thewhytechocolate or Milk #chocolate, we both melt in your mouth and not in your hands! 😛 # HappyBirthday #bestfriend I love you 😘❣️🥰 ‘said Phaedra.

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Someone said: “Oh, so this is white chocolate, Team Gemini HBD beautiful”, and another follower posted this: “Happy Birthday Monique, GOD, Eternal Love, Grace and Blessings to you, I hope you enjoy your special day”

A fan posted this message: ‘Omg !!! @phaedraparks top to bottom you’re by far the sexiest chocolate I’ve ever seen !!! Love you to the moon and back !!! 😍 21+ years #bestfriendship. ‘

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A follower said: ‘I got it Lmaooo 🍑 @ phaedraparks I live for you hunni 😍😍’ and a fan said: ‘Happy Birthday! 🥳’

Someone else posted this, ‘Not the Whyte chocolate from the episodes 😂😂’ and one commenter said, ‘You two are both delicious looking chocolates! Looks good, Phae !! “

Phaedra parks shared some new pics that she looks amazing on. Check out her look here.

Someone said, “The smile you make when you return to RHOA and shake up the shit,” and another follower posted this message, “One thing about Miss Parks is that she went to enjoy her derby 😂 “

Plus, it just turned out that Phaedra makes a great return to Bravo TV for an appearance RHOA .

See the shadow room for more details on the problem, which you can read below.

Phaedra Parks will make their highly anticipated return to the network, according to an exclusive from People, TSR says.

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