PixCompare for IOS

PixCompare is one of the Media Management for IOS developed by Lakehorn. Here you can download PixCompare for IOS free. We also have PixCompare .ipa file available here.

Download PixCompare for ios

Find duplicate and similar photos in the camera roll, any album, or the full photo library. Mark and batch delete photos (delete function needs to be unlocked via In-App purchase). Searches up to 10.000 photos and displays up to 1.000 similar pictures. Runs very fast, 1.000 pictures can be compared within less than 6 seconds. (on a iPhone 6s).

PixCompare 1.0.1 .ipa file for IOS


It is one of the best Digital Photo Software for IOS developed by Lakehorn available for free to try on App store. As of latest release on June 22, 2016, current version of PixCompare is 1.0.1.

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