Porsha Williams posts a shoutout for Andy Cohen’s birthday

Porsha Williams shared a post on her social media account for Andy Cohen ‘s birthday. Check it out below.

One fan said, “I love that you posted pictures that were flattering and confident enough to know it’s not about you #youdtolllookbeautiful #muchshadetoyourcastmate #sheknowsSMH ❤️❤️”

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Someone else said, ‘Happy Birthday Andy and many more blessings😍’ and another follower wrote this: ‘Ahhh didn’t know Andy was a Gem colleague, happy birthday.’

Another follower said: “Yes, Andy! Big Gemini Vibes! Happy Holidays 🥳✨❕♊️ ‘and one commenter posted this:’ Aw @bravoandy shares his birthday with my daughter !! Happy Birthday!’

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A follower hopped into the comment section and shared this message: ‘Happy born [email protected]💎🥰👑 Have fun️💙 ♥ ️💜💛, # STL-Versand 😍🥰😘😻 ‘

One fan said, “In the third picture, you look like a sports star. Sporty but feminine. ‘

More people hopped on the comments to wish Andy Cohen a happy anniversary.

In other breaking news, Porsha Williams impressed her fans with her Memorial Day post. Check it out here.

“Today we remember and honor all those who lost their lives in the service of our country. 🇺🇸 #memorialday 🥀🙏🏾 ‘Porsha added a subtitle to her post.

In other news, Porsha Williams shared a photo of herself and her mom and they both look great. See the picture below.

Someone said, “You wanted this private jet life, huh,” and another follower posted this message, “I can just hear it now. Oh Porsha, this is beautiful. ‘

Porscha divided RHOA post on her social media account and show fans how she’s having fun with her girls. Check out their post.

“I love shopping and hanging out with my girls @drewsidora @shameamorton #rhoa 😂 #Nevaaaa #ItGirls #Nieces” Porsha titled her post.

Porsha is currently living her best life with her fans and followers and she couldn’t be happier. She found the love of her life and is totally in love with him.

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