President Joe Biden unveils a $ 10 billion fund for the underserved

president Joe Biden still makes people proud. The Shade Room revealed all the interesting details.

TSR noted that “after the 100th anniversary of the Tulsa Race massacre in Greenwood, which saw over 1,100 black homes and businesses lost and hundreds of blacks lost their lives, many still seek justice for what once was “. known as “Black Wall Street”. President #JoeBiden was present yesterday speaking to residents who condemned the actions of those responsible for the massacre and said “literal hell has been unleashed upon the community”.

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TSR went on to reveal that “President Biden realized that the hatred and domestic terrorism that happened 100 years ago unfortunately still exists today. Still, he plans to make significant changes to tackle the country’s racial inequality. His government has done many things and will now implement opportunities for small business owners to implement racial discrimination in housing and voting rights, according to CNN. ‘

The same record states: “President Biden announced that he would use the purchasing power of the federal government to contribute to the award of federal contracts for small, disadvantaged companies. According to the White House, the focus will be on minority property and will be granted 10-15%. ‘

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One follower said, “Dear black businesses, start accepting crypto as a means of payment in your small black businesses. Dear black consumers, start paying with crypto. Decentralized, inclusive, and these people can’t control it. ‘

Another commenter posted this: “Posted a minute ago and you all hate it – just be happy damn it,” and another follower said, “Legal marijuana helped make this happen. Now free all the boys in there for weed ‘

Another follower hopped on the comments and said, ‘Go to Hell Biden 🔥 Loan I See.’

What do you think of Biden’s initiative?

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