R. Kelly’s senior attorneys are filing paperwork to withdraw from the case

R kelly ‘s chief attorneys filed papers to withdraw from the case. Check out the full details The Shade Room revealed.

“As previously reported, R Kelly will appear before a judge on August 9 on charges of sex trafficking and exploitation – among other things. Now, just two months before the trial, @tmz_tv has exclusively reported that R. Kelly’s legal team is losing two members. The leading lawyers #StevenGreenberg and Michael Leonard allegedly filed papers on Monday to withdraw from the current case, according to #TMZ, “said TSR.

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TSR also noted that “Steve revealed in April that R. Kelly is” looking forward to trial “because his time in prison as a public figure was not” easy “. Well, sometime between then and now, an alleged “power struggle” has resulted in a “clash” between members of R. Kelly’s legal team, TMZ reported. That clash reportedly resulted in Steve and Michael filing the withdrawal papers. ‘

“We have refused to try a case with lawyers who do not have the appropriate experience and competence because it is not in the best interests of the client,” Steven and Michael told TMZ.

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They also said, “It is a shame that lawyers cannot suppress their own ego or self-interest and act or act in the best interests of the client.”

TSR also said the remaining attorneys on R. Kelly’s team paint a different picture.

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