Reginae Carter shares a photo with Zonnique Pullins – Check out the cute ladies

Reginae Carter shared a photo with Zonnique pullins and the fans are full of awe. Check out the gorgeous young ladies here.

One fan said, “Baby something different about Reginae but I love it” and someone else wrote, “Why is that other girl so all over her?”

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Someone else said, ‘Yawl just call me baby mama.

One follower said, ‘Ms. Carter, could you please ask your mother to get on with her and show them how to dress, and not wear black socks or anything black with white sandals that do. Please teach them that they have not yet learned anything. “And someone else wrote,” Why do you let them dress like this?

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Recently, Toya Johnson publicly proclaims her love for the rule of her daughters and Reginae Carter . Check out the post she shared on her social media account.

“I love how she is always there for her little sister. #mygirls #sisters #besties 🦄🎀💕 @ shopreignbeauxs’ Toya has given her post a title.

Not a long time ago Toya Johnson shows her glamorous room makeover. Check out the posts she shared on her social media account below.

‘My favorite @therealnoigjeremy came to our studio on his day off and redesigned my glamorous room. I love it JJ💞💞💞 thank you very much! I like the way our workplace comes together! #TWP #BBH #Rushlifemusic #Rushtravel #WNM # A & Rstudiosatl # wegrindtogetherweshinetogether💎 Toy ‘Toya has given her post a title.

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