‘Sex Education’ Season 3 is not currently scheduled for release in October 2021

Sex Education – Image: Netflix

Another day and fake viral post falsely stating that the third season of Sex Education will hit Netflix in October 2021 is spreading like wildfire across the internet. Unfortunately, although Netflix could come in October 2021, an official date for the return has not yet been set.

The post in question is from Netflix Updates, mostly operating on Facebook (albeit via the Netflix Diaries tag) and Twitter. They mostly post fan pictures from shows, but on occasion they have been known to taunt a poster of dates to claim a show is coming out soon.

Here’s the most recent offensive fake news post that says Season 3 is slated to hit Netflix in October 2021. The post, in particular, is fake because it uses the same assets from Season 2, but that doesn’t seem to stop some from thinking it’s real.

You will then link to another Netflix fansite, NetflixLife, operated by Fansid. Specifically, they link to their big preview of season 3 for Educational classes. In this preview, they don’t mention a specific release date, they say:

“We’re assuming this show might be back for Season 3 as early as August or September and not arrive until October 2021.”

What’s going on here? Well, firstly, it is posted with the intention of going viral. Earning imaginary internet points gets even sweeter when you can make pennies too. This is exactly what happens in this case. If you look at the NetflixLife link above, a little tag is added to the end. This enables that person to make some cash for the traffic that is directed to that site. This is commonly known as an affiliate program.

What they hope is that this goes viral enough to generate enough traffic to this link which will then make them some money.

To be clear, we don’t blame NetflixLife here, but we did ask for a comment.

The last fake post to go viral from this account was in February 2021 when Netflix itself posted a comment. The poster teased a November 2021 release date. This tweet is embedded below. Of course the date for this show you Season 3, has to be confirmed from June 2021. Again, this isn’t an unrealistic schedule, but it’s not yet confirmed by Netflix.

This tweet received almost 200,000 likes.

Of course, it could be argued that this is all harmless fun and nobody gets hurt, but fake news is rife in entertainment news and is worth fighting off whenever you watch it. We encourage you to read up on how to avoid getting caught by real and fake news through such resources.

We’ll keep you updated when we learn more about when Educational classes Season 3 is coming to Netflix right here on Netflix.

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