Smart Gifts for Marketing Professionals

So, you run an advertising agency, but you are confused as to what to gift your employee on their birthday? Or are you a loving wife who wants to surprise your Brand Marketing Husband on World  Marketer’s Day? Well don’t you worry, we are going to make your life very easy, we have compiled a  list of various Gifts for Marketing Professionals which you can find online and anyone near you. 

#1 Morning, Noon and Night Coffee! 

“the perfect gift for a marketing professional” 

Morning coffee
Source: Envato

We know this pandemic has not only made us health-conscious but also kind of lazy. And what is better to get active than your morning coffee. But with the work from home brings a lot of unusual working hours, and to stay active at unusual hours, coffee is always a good idea. That is why we see Coffee as the perfect gift for marketing professionals. 

#2 99U Essays 

“Gift a book?” 

Source: Amazon

We know you think gifting a book is too cliché and most of the time they will not even read the book. But this is not JUST a book. It is something that will help you bring creativity, not just in your professional life but your personal life as well. This book offers you ideas on how to increase your creativity. 

#3 Gift Cards! 

“Is that even a gift?” 

Gift Cards
Source: Envato

Gift Cards are lifesavers! Have you not searched for promo codes on the internet just to get some discount on that one dress you were buying? But if you had a gift card you would get that discount and other benefits. And gift cards can be bought anytime you like. So, if you need a last-minute gift, Gift cards are your answer. But what for a marketing professional do with it? Well,  everything has a gift card. You need coffee? Use a gift card. Buying a Car? Use a Gift Card. 

#4 A Phone Sanitizer 

“is that even a thing?” 

Phone Sanetizer
Source: Amazon

Yes! It is a thing. And it is VERY useful. Especially in today’s world. If your boss is still going to meetings to let you keep your job you can thank him for this!  It is easy to use, totally portable AND it comes with a charger. So, your boss can be on the go and still safe with this phone sanitizer. 

#5 A Smart Notebook 

“that’s like saying a dumb smartphone” 

Smart Notebook
Source: Amazon

This is for those who are old school but also like to keep up with technology. This notebook can convert anything and everything you write in it into a digital copy instantly. Now you won’t look rude being on the phone during a meeting even if you were just noting the minutes. You can simply write them and then share them with everyone later. Digitally! 

#6 Printed T-Shirt! 

“your gift for being a marketing professional.” 

Printed T-Shirt
Source: Google

Okay, don’t actually get this printed. But A printed T-shirt isn’t a bad idea. Get them as personalised as you can. Get your whole marketing team T-shirts with their name on the back and the company name in the front and act as a  football team and conquer the corporate world.

#7 Stress Toys for the Fidgety Employ! 

“does that rhyme?” 

Stress toys
Source: Envato

When we talk about stress, there is a lot of it these days, and we always hate to see people bounce their legs up and down and cracking their bones for no reason and just not be able to focus. Well, gift them something that not only helps them but increases their productivity. 

#8 A Wallet and Notebook Combo. 

“that’s unusual”

Wallet and Notebook
Source: Pinterest

This is the real deal, the marketing professionals do not like to carry cash they use cards, and this way it’s not just easy but effective and light to travel. You need not worry about them forgetting their wallet or their notebook, or finding a pen here and there or even thinking where should they take notes. They just open their combo and get everything in an instant. 

#9 Spotify Premium 

is that even a gift?” 

Source: Google

If you trust us and if you want to keep your marketers sane, you need to remove all the disturbances around them. Especially when they are listening to music while working because then they can focus without getting distracted or frustrated and increase productivity and get better results for the agency. 

#10 Portable Small Fans 

“that will be cool” 

Portable fans
Source: Google

The weather is very unpredictable, it could be raining one moment and the next it might feel like we are living on the sun. To prevent your employees or your bosses to evaporate into thin air give them something that will keep them cool throughout the day anytime anywhere they want. In fact, this way they cannot even complain about the weather on a super-hot day.

#11 Movie Posters. “I really like Avengers” 

Movie Poster
Source: Google

Who doesn’t like movies? And Movie Poster is a big example of how even a  few words can sell something and how great branding will get you the desired audience and how all you need is something attractive to make the audience come to you. So, keep in mind their favorite movie and gift them a framed photo of the same. We are sure they will hang it happily in their rooms. 

#12 A Portable Printer 

“Very Efficient” 

Portable Printer
Source: Google

This is probably the most efficient and useful thing you could gift a marketing professional. They need to print something immediately for an important client? They just run to their car and use the Wireless Printer YOU gifted them. 

You just saved their money, time, and your agency. They will remember you every time they use that printer. 

#13 A Daily Planner 

“I need that too” 

Daily Planner
Source: Google

You are making their life a lot easier by providing them something to plan their entire day in advance, They will be prepared for everything they have to do because they would have planned them ahead, all thanks to you! It comes in different sizes, colors, and styles. 

#14 The Best Boss Mug 

“That’s a Winner” 

Boss Mug
Source: Google

Now we don’t think there has to be a debate for this. This is the best gift possible. It Is portable, easy to use, cost-efficient, and it impresses your boss.  This is the most appropriate and effective gift in the corporate world.  

This Concludes our list of Gifts for Marketing Professionals. All you need to do now is note the date, order the product and gift them some of the most amazing things you can. Each and every gift in the list is efficient, effective and thoughtful for all Marketing Professionals.

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