Sonu Sood’s milkman cannot handle the calls he receives every day: ‘Hamare paas itni capacity nahi hai na’

Actor Sonu Sood has been actively helping people across the country during the coronavirus pandemic, but he also knows how to take it with a grain of salt.

On Friday, Sonu took to Instagram to share a video of his milkman Guddu. The conversation between the two makes the clip interesting. According to Guddu, Sonu has given him a separate phone to receive calls from those who want to contact the actor’s foundation for help. Guddu’s frustration clearly shows that he has to attend non-stop phone calls even at odd hours.

We can also hear the Bollywood actor tell the milkman that even he is there all day long for help. Guddu says, ‘Sir aapka alag dimag hai. Hamare paas itni capacity nahi hai na. Hum itna jhel nahi paate (Sir, you are smart. I don’t have the ability to take that much pressure like you.) ‚ÄĚSonu tells him not to feel bad while doing noble work, advising him to the job of selling milk and hiring full time.

Sonu Sood, who founded an NGO called Sood Charity Foundation, has been at the forefront of helping Covid-19 patients during the pandemic. He also helped thousands of migrant workers reach their homes during the lockdown last year.

Sonu and his team are also working to set up oxygen factories across India.

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