Steven DeKnight reacts to the cancellation of “Jupiter’s Legacy” season 2

Jupiter’s Legacy – Image: Netflix

News broken by Jupiter’s legacy Season 2 will no longer continue, although it was originally planned as a multi-season show. Although the exact plan for the future is unknown, Steven DeKnight shared his thoughts on the cancellation and shared some of his future plans for Season 2 with us.

For those of you who don’t know, Steven DeKnight was the first showrunner for the series before leaving Netflix (and its output deal with Netflix) midway through season one.

After new recordings and probably extensive revisions, the show, originally planned for 2020, received mixed reviews on May 7, 2021.

The initial reaction was to the Deadline article announcing that the show was not progressing (although it never specifically said it was canceled).

Over several tweets, Steven DeKnight replied on Twitter talking about the cancellation. In a tweet (which also covered the plans for season 2, more on that in a second), he understood why the show was by saying:

“The show was very expensive and insanely complicated, so I fully understand the decision.”

How expensive the show was, Borys Kit from The Hollywood Report says the show cost about $ 200 million.

Of course, there was a lot to expect from Season 2, as we outlined in our preview. Future seasons should include the Superhero Revolution, Utopian II, and of course, the Great Murder. Speaking of which, Steven DeKnight mentioned this big murder and said on Twitter when it would have happened:

“I planned to be THE BIG MURDER at the end of season two.”

DeKnight has also spoken out about some of his other plans for the show before the cancellation, including Blue Bolt or Richard on the show, who were particularly absent in the present saying:

“He was mentioned in the scripts in the present. I’m not sure if that made the cut, but I think it did. In later seasons I had a plan to explain why he’s not in the present (he’s not in the Jupiter’s Legacy comic either, just in Jupiter’s Circle). “

DeKnight also mentioned that it was season 2 plan to dig deep into character development for Season 2 after the events of Jupiter’s Circle. He also said there was a five to six season plan.

Finally, when asked if the show could go elsewhere, DeKnight replied, repeating that he hasn’t been involved with the project for a while and that it has nowhere else to go.

We will keep this updated with any further response from Steven DeKnight as it develops.

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