Stop creating your own barriers to investing

Coming up with capital is not easy if you’re just starting out. How are you supposed to come? 20% down for one house, let alone several when trying to grow your portfolio. This was the predicament Justin Munko was inside until he heard about the BRRRR strategy. In implementing the BRRRR strategy, Justin was able to fraction of the money he would need a down payment to get a renovated highly desirable rental home.

Justin invests more than 1,000 miles away in Ohio and manages all of its rehabs remotely. Most investors would stray from remote rehab, but Justin has so many”checks and balancesset up that he is confident to do them. His rehab clinics need to go through a inspector, a contractor and a leasing manager before they hit the market. This allows Justin to be extremely confident that he is renovating a property to get the highest rent, with the least headache for management.

Justin gives valuable advice to new investors struggling with analysis paralysis: don’t sabotage your own deals by finding problems in every property!

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