Sunidhi Chauhan on Indian Idol: ‘We were all told to praise participants, so I couldn’t go on’

After Kishore Kumar’s son Amit Kumar revealed he was pressured to praise the contestants on a special episode honoring his late father, singer Sunidhi Chauhan has now come forward with her own revelations about Indian Idol and the concept. from singing reality shows.

Speaking to ETimes TV, Sunidhi said that during her days, she was even asked to say nice things to the participants. The singer said that she could not stand the act for a long time. “Not exactly that everyone had to do this, but yes, we were all told (to praise). That was the basis. And so I couldn’t go on. I couldn’t do what they wanted and I had to break up. That’s why I’m not condemning a reality show today,” Sunidhi said.

When asked why the creators are determined to give the impression that every contestant is doing well on the show, Sunidhi said: “I think it’s done to get attention. I think it’s necessary to keep your audience engaged. .Think it works.”

For those who don’t know or have forgotten, Sunidhi Chuahan was a former judge on Indian Idol seasons 5 and 6. In addition, the critically acclaimed singer was also a judge on shows like The Voice and Dil Hai Hindustani.

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