Tamar Braxton assists in choosing the winner for Bigo

Tamar Braxton tells fans that she has something important ahead of her. Read your message here.

‘I’m so excited !! I am helping to select the winner of #bigoidol on June 10th and 11th! I can’t wait to see all of the amazing talent in one of my new favorite apps I’ll see you there, ”said Tamar.

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Someone posted this: “Ok, I look beautiful as always”, and another follower said: “Aw you are amazing, yg lady be strong, there is a rainbow 🌈 on the other side shine bright love love & laugh your son loves and needs you ❀️ ‘

One follower said: ‘Tamar, btw, you can really sang girl … 😍’ and someone else posted this: ‘πŸ”₯ Cant wait @tamarbraxton.’

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One fan said, β€œ@tamarbraxton, please come back to Maryland, VA, this pandemic and I missed you in Maryland. Please come back and do a show, you and Toni have to take to the streets together, just the two of you. I love Tracey too, but I don’t know πŸ€·πŸ½β€β™€οΈ if she would. You know the money we’d spend on Toni, Tracey, Tamar all singing their hits together on the Gawwwds ❀️❀️ans will show up because people are tired of being in the house. No photos with fans because we’re in a pandemic and everyone hasn’t been vaccinated so keep social distance to protect yourself but don’t get back on stage. @tonibraxton make them coins and put everything aside and make the money then do your own thing. Give us a 6 month tour if you can all do this together !! It’s not too long, but come to VA or Maryland !!! HAVE TO COME HOME AGAIN 🏠 ‘

Tamar Braxton celebrated Logan’s birthday these days. Check out one of the posts she shared online.

‘An 8th birthday that brought everyone together … look how God used this day for all his glory πŸ™πŸΌπŸ€β€Ό ️ that’s why I love him so much.’

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