Tamar Braxton is presenting a show this Saturday

Tamar Braxton presents a show at the end of the week. Check out the announcement she posted.

‘Soooooooo …… before we close Houston during the day on Sunday …… .Saturday night in ATL at my sister’s / BFF @neneleakes GRAND OPENING by @thelinnethialounge I’ll LIVE LIVE to celebrate this FABULOUS lounge… I’m so proud of it and it is my honor to go the way in 👏🏽 stay # Stayunderconstructionst. ‘Tamar has given her post a title.

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Someone said, ‘This is my Shiiii Tay! You want to close Houston DOWWWNNN !!! ‘and someone else said:’ If we say outside, then we are outside #periodt ‘

One fan said: ‘@therealtsmadison do you wanna go? @tamarbraxton put us on your list “and another follower said,” I love the way we kiss, it felt so personal that this is my song. “

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A fan said, ‘Dang! I would love to hear some live sound but go to my sister’s and a follower said, “Good Lawd Duluth is 45 minutes from town but I may have to make the trip … I would love to see you live! “

Tamar Braxton has released a new podcast episode. See it on her social media account.

It’s been so busy folks … it’s so fun how this podcast matches what I’m going through right now. My sister, my good friend @__ajna, who I met on Instagram many years ago, keeps blessing me with her beautiful, gentle fairy spirit “stop playing with me”. This episode means a lot to me because it speaks directly to people who want to hold on to what they think … and what used to be … and I can no longer fight you with what you feel even though you are I am WRONG … I know that I am not the only one who needs to hear this episode of #underconstruction, so # staythere🍀 #stayunderconstruction, thank you sister for your gift 💝 ‘Tamar has given her post a title.

Tamar lives her best life.

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