The 5 big revelations from Friends The Reunion episode: Jennifer Aniston-David Schwimmer crushed each other, Lisa Kudrow traumatized by her performance

The 2 hour episode of Friends: The Reunion was nostalgic, hilarious and totally worth the wait. With the six protagonists Matt Le Blanc, Matthew Perry, David Schwimmer, Lisa Kudrow, Courteney Cox and Jennifer Aniston once more gracefully adorning the show’s iconic couch, audiences were given ample moments to relive the lives of Joey, Chandler, Ross, Phoebe , to relive. Monica and Rachel.

In the midst of all the fun, there were also some revelations the cast made about the show and how it came to be. From on-set pacts to casting, there was a lot of sharing that made fans want to go back and watch the iconic American sitcom one more time.

Here are the top five things the cast revealed during Friends: The Reunion.

Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer in love

Ross and Rachel also almost had an off-screen romance. Aniston and Schwimmer spoke in the reunion episode about their mutual admiration for each other when asked if any of the cast members ever had romantic feelings. Schwimmer said they would “spoon and fall asleep on the couch together” during the filming of Friends, as both accepted that they were “crushing hard” on each other. “At one point we were crushing hard on each other, but it was like two ships passing because one of us was always in a relationship. And we’ve never crossed that line,” he said.

And all this, despite the male actors signing a no dating pact. This was shared by the men in an earlier interview, before the reunion episode aired Thursday.

Speaking to Access, as reported by Fox News, Matthew Perry said, “If we were hooking up or if something strange was going on, it could mess things up. So we kept a friendship.” David Schwimmer added: “We didn’t want to jeopardize any of the amazing relationships and friendships we were forming and had built. It was kind of an unspoken (rule).” Matt Le Blanc went on to say, “We’re like brothers and sisters.”

Friends aired the first episode on September 22, 1994. (Photo: Warner Bros) Lisa Kudrow can’t watch Friends

While all the cast members have gone back and watched every episode of Friends, it’s only Lisa Kudrow, who played Phoebe Buffay, who hasn’t. She said she found watching the show and their performance “traumatizing.”

She said in the reunion episode, “There are seasons I’ve never seen. Michel (Stern, Lisa Kudrow’s husband) and I started watching part of season four that I thought I’d seen. He enjoy it more than I do, because I’m hurt with myself.”

Furthermore, David Schwimmer said it took him 17 years to watch the series, which he managed with his daughter.

David Schwimmer hated Marcel the monkey

Ross may have been soaked in love with Neville the monkey, but in real life Schwimmer hated it. His revelation made the audience laugh.

The six main characters of Friends reunited for the special episode. (Photo: Screenshot/HBO Max) Phoebe’s twin sister Ursula was an extension of Mad About You

Ursula Buffay was Phoebe’s twin sister and a recurring character on the sitcom. But we didn’t realize that Ursula was actually an extension of the same character Lisa Kudrow played on the Helen Hunt show Mad About You. The show’s creators made this reveal on Friends: The Reunion.

Ross was written especially for David Schwimmer

The creators of Friends had the character of Ross Geller written especially for David Schwimmer, which was not the case with anyone else in the main cast. But Schwimmer had given up television at the time and went back to the theater. The creators almost begged him to come on board, which he eventually agreed to. Thus, David Schwimmer became the first person to be cast on the show.

Friends: The Reunion will be streamed on Zee5 in India.

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