This is how Tom Holland got the role of Spider-Man

Tom Holland, who is celebrating his 25th birthday on Tuesday, is best known for his work in Marvel films such as Spider-Man. It’s easy to say that landing the role changed the trajectory of Holland’s career and that his casting process was not an easy one. In an earlier interview with GQ, directors Joe and Anthony Russo recalled the time Marvel’s casting head Sarah Halley Finn told them that Holland was the right choice for the role.

Spider-Man would be introduced to the MCU with Captain America: Civil War. Russos recalled Sarah telling them about Tom at the time, ‚ÄúThis is the man. You’re going to love him.”

Joe Russo said: “Sarah (Finn) should get all the credit for casting Holland as Spider-Man; she’s the best in the business and she knows us. We had already made two movies with her. So Holland came in. He took his test. We called Sarah right after and said, ‘Oh my God, he’s incredible. He’s a movie star: he’s got the charisma; he’s got the reach.’ It’s rare for someone to walk into a room that has all the elements that make up a real star. The Netherlands had that thing.”

Anthony Russo added: “Plus, Holland’s ability to perform a standing backflip right in front of you – that helped!” He went on to say, “It was the first time Spider-Man had ever been cast as an actual teenager, right? Which was really important to us; there was an obvious nervousness about casting a kid.”

Tom Holland got the role after it had already been played by Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield in two separate franchises. His third film as the superhero, Spider-Man: No Way Home, is slated for December 2021.

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