Vijay’s rare Hulk-esque eruption leaves you wanting surprisingly more

The Tamil superstar Vijay is a very reserved person. His calm demeanor is nerve-racking at times. He comes across as someone who doesn’t feel the need to share what’s going on in his head with others. And that makes him unpredictable. Take, for example, his famous bicycle ride to the voting booth during the state elections in Tamil Nadu. His bike ride was considered a strong political statement and caused ripples in political circles in the country.

However, have you ever wondered what Vijay would look like, act and sound like when his anger hits the ceiling? Either way, you don’t have to bother introducing yourself as there’s a rare video that gives you a taste of his rage.

The video is over 10 years old. It’s safe to assume the footage is from 2009, the year Vijay’s Villu came out. During a promotional event, Vijay completely lost his cool for no apparent reason. Speaking to a press conference, Vijay yells out of his lungs to unidentified individuals. It takes everyone back, including its director Prabhudheva, who is seen next to him without any idea of ​​what he just saw. “Silence,” he shouts again before coming to his senses. You could see his eyes widening and his teeth clenched. He’s done all of that in movies, but rarely has he ever spoken in a high pitch on a public stage. And it’s unlikely we’ll witness such a Hulk-esque eruption in the near future or ever.

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