Vivek Oberoi Says Bollywood Must Accept Something Is Systemically Wrong

Vivek Oberoi has proclaimed Bollywood for failing to recognize its shortcomings as an industry. The actor said the Hindi film industry is exhibiting “ostrich syndrome” and has failed to acknowledge that anything is “systematically wrong” even after the tragedy of the death of Sushant Singh Rajput in 2020.

“We have our good side, but we refuse to acknowledge our bad side. For any individual, industry or fraternity to prosper, one must know ke hum mein kitni khamiyan hain, our mistakes and the injustices of the industry. But we have a little bit of Ostrich Syndrome. Because we do not recognize that the hamari industry is mein kuch gadbad hai,” Vivek Oberoi told Hindustan Times.

Referring to the death of SSR, the actor said: “Last year there was a major tragedy in our industry. Back then, no one really and truly wanted to acknowledge that something is systematically wrong (in the industry), and just wanted to write it off.

Bhai @vivekoberoi your interview is brilliant and pure truth. Keep it up!

— KRK (@kamaalrkhan) June 8, 2021

Dear friends Bollywood Wala, if you are tired of bhaigiri in the Bollywood, please say so. Please speak without fear. It’s just a fear, otherwise no one can hurt your career. Jiske Apne career Ke Laale Pade Hain, Woh Apka Career Kaise Schade Kar Degaa Yaar!

— KRK (@kamaalrkhan) June 8, 2021

His comments have been endorsed by self-proclaimed film critic Kamaal R Khan. KRK tweeted: “Bhai @vivekoberoi, your interview is brilliant and pure truth. Keep it up.”

Salman Khan had previously filed a defamation charge against KRK for his defamatory comments. On Monday, the actor also demanded that contempt proceedings be initiated against him.

KRK had recently involved Govinda in the matter by thanking him on Twitter for his “love and support”, after which he took a turn and said he was not referring to the film actor. His clarification came when Govinda said he has not even spoken to KRK and has no idea about his affair with Salman.

On Monday, Salman filed a petition in a Mumbai court demanding contempt measures be taken against actor Kamaal R Khan for continuing to make defamatory comments despite a commitment not to do so. The petition is filed in a libel suit filed by Salman to prevent Kamaal R Khan from directly or indirectly creating and uploading videos or other content about the actor, his business ventures and films/projects.

Earlier, the Deshdrohi actor had released a series of tweets suggesting that Salman Khan had filed a defamation charge against him for giving a bad review of his latest film Radhe.

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