Voicera AI Note Taker for IOS

Voicera AI Note Taker is one of the Business Applications for IOS developed by Voicera. Here you can download Voicera AI Note Taker for IOS free. We also have Voicera AI Note Taker .ipa file available here.

Download Voicera AI Note Taker for ios

Eva is Voicera’s Enterprise Virtual Assistant, an AI that listens, takes notes and captures the important moments from your meetings. Add Eva to conference calls or in-person meetings and Eva will automatically email you afterwards with notes from your meeting.
Features: AI powered speech-to-text transcribes live meetings and automatically highlights important moments like follow-ups. Captures both meetings with a dial-in and in-person discussions. Syncs with Google and Office365 for easy calendar management. Calendar view displays all upcoming meetings from your work calendar, easily manage what meetings EVA joins with a simple on/off toggle. Use the Quick Launch record function to record in-person meetings on the fly. Remote Control feature allows you to view Rapid transcripts and Predictive Highlights for meetings in progress
Access past meetings including full audio playback, Rapid Transcript and meeting Highlights
Easily share Meeting Highlights through Email, Slack, SMS, and any messaging app. Salesforce integration enables you to automatically push account-specific highlights directly into Salesforce. Automatically receive Refined Highlights via email following each meeting..

Voicera AI Note Taker 2.12.2 .ipa file for IOS


It is one of the best Business Software for IOS developed by Voicera available for free to try on App store. As of latest release on August 1, 2018, current version of Voicera AI Note Taker is 2.12.2.

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