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Actor Joe Lara, believed to be dead along with seven other people after a plane crashed into a lake near Nashville on Saturday, was best known for his role as Tarzan in the ever-popular American TV series Tarzan: The Epic Adventures. .

Born on October 2, 1962 in San Diego, California, Joe first appeared in the 1988 film Night Wars as an unnamed American soldier. In 1989, the actor had a big break when he managed to audition for a TV movie about Tarzan called Tarzan in Manhattan. He got the lead role.

After Tarzan in Manhattan, he was featured in two more TV movies called Gunsmoke: The Last Apache and Danger Island. He returned as Tarzan on the show Tarzan: The Epic Adventures in 1996. Joe was also popular for appearing in many actioners over the years such as Steel Frontier, Armstrong, Warhead and others. In 2002, Joe quit acting to pursue a career in his second love, country music.

Joe Lara married author Gwen Shamblin in 2018. The couple leaves behind two children from Gwen’s first marriage.

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