Will Loki team up with Doctor Strange and Scarlet Witch to save the universe? Fan theories that will make your head spin

He’s the kind of villain that the fans love. Loki, played by Tom Hiddleston, was introduced by Marvel as the villain in Thor, but he quickly became a fan favorite. Although the God Of Mischief has “died” many times, both fans and Hiddleston assumed Avengers: Infinity War was the character’s final arc, as Thanos (Josh Brolin) killed him in front of his brother Thor (Chris Hemsworth). ). Well, during the Time Heist in Avengers: Endgame in 2012, Loki saw an escape with the Tesseract, opening up a whole new world of possibilities.

And now he has his own show of the same name, which will air in June. The trailers and teasers have kept fans speculating, though the makers are silent on the plot details. Fans have come up with some incredible theories, and while some aren’t entirely plausible, we definitely want to believe it.

Does Loki have the Time Stone?

One fan wrote on Reddit: “We saw a concept art of the LOKI Disney+ series in 1970, where he walks through the streets of New York in 1970. This begs a question: Didn’t Loki escape with a space rock in Endgame? time travel with space stone at all? Here is my theory, when Thanos destroyed the stones all 5 stones were destroyed except the time stone TIME is indestructible so instead of being destroyed it was transported to another timeline maybe an old era and that’s where LOKI comes in. He finds the time stone using tesseract and starts traveling through history changing key events from the past, eg one we saw in concept art.

This is rather far fetched as it means this is Loki from an alternate timeline and by that understanding the Time Stone should have been in the possession of Ancient One along with the fact that the Tesseract cannot be used for time travel. .

Multiple Lokis?

Could the hooded figure be Loki? In the new series, Loki could see alternate versions of herself and that would be a lot of fun to watch. Fans believe that this path could lead to some sort of redemption for Loki and it could mean that he is the savior of the Avengers at some point in history.

A Doctor Strange and Scarlet Witch team up!

WandaVision has already made several references to the Doctor Strange sequel. Fans are sure that Loki may just be working with the duo. This is quite likely as Loki has been confirmed to be in line with the sequel. A fan suggests that the villain Nightmare is actually wreaking havoc on the universe, and Loki can team up with Doctor Strange and Wanda. The fan wrote: “Nightmare is reportedly going to be the villain of the Doctor Strange sequel and yes, he is a classic Doctor Strange villain. But he is also, arguably, Loki’s nemesis and has fought the God of Mischief several times in the comics, especially in his solo series.We know that Scarlet Witch is going to team up with Doctor Strange in his sequel.This could indicate some sort of threat that forces all wizards to work together (maybe Strange needs to recruit wizards from other universes, kinda like in a recent comic, and that’s how he bumps into Loki?) Anyway, Wanda and Loki have recently collaborated with Strange in the comics, so maybe this is a case of corporate synergy.”

Loki could even return to the main timeline, which is also equally possible, meaning he’d be back in the MCU.

Loki comes out on Disney Plus, Hotstar on June 9. Wednesdays are even better now.

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